You’re a neurotic, obsessive perfectionist with crazy demands and ridiculously high standards. 

(Especially when it comes to your online bio)

Which is a damn good thing -  

The Internet NEEDS people like you.

People who don't do things the cheap and easy way. Because whether you realize it or not, the fact that you CARE means you've already decided:  

If you're going to SELL yourself? You're going to do it without selling OUT.

You've seen it many times: 

The type of people who're willing to slap a bio together and label themselves a “CEO” or a “Thought Leader,” when in reality, they built a website and have a social media account where they just post motivational quotes all day.

Or declare themselves an expert in coaching or marketing (because that's what people want to hear, right?). 

Or make their online debut as an empty promiser who claims to hold the secret formula for accessing a world of riches. 

Or just do the standard blah blah blah, me me me talk without much consideration over WHO they are or WHAT they stand for.  

Then there are people like you.

Toiling away on the other end of the spectrum, giving a rip about what you put out in the world for people to see.

Being the snowflaky idealists for whom integrity still matters.  

For whom creative identity still matters.  

For whom - WHAT YOU PUT YOUR NAME ON still matters.  

A lot. (Otherwise you wouldn't be stressing it. )  

The good news is - You’re an anomaly in this mass-marketed, hollow-branded, selfie-driven world (do we need our anomalies or what?!).  

The bad news is - you’re stuck and unable to move forward because WORDS ARE HARD and you know they matter, but you’d almost rather stay stuck than come off as an amateur/boring/full-of-shit windbag in front of everyone you know. Or want to know. Or want to help.  

What you, of course, DO want is to say something important about yourself. To say something that elevates and supports your brand. And to come off confident, competent, smart, impressive, and accomplished (even if you don't always feel that way).  

But you need to find the right words. And that's the part you've been working on. And you’re close. You think. doesn't feel quite right.  

DIYing your online bio (as well as everything else) is a BOLD move. But even the boldest among us need input, feedback, direction, and support from someone who GETS how important your online image is and what it means to you and your business. You need those things because you need to move forward. And because while you’re hunched over your document, writing, rewriting, deleting and stewing, your customer is out there wondering where you are.  

So get out there and meet them armed with what you have:

Your skills Your integrity Your story

You have all three. So let's make sure you sell all three.  

Instead of selling yourself short with a bio that doesn't work. 

Who qualifies for a consult?  

  • Someone who considers herself to be a good writer (but not so good at branding or writing about herself).  
  • Someone who’s put the hours into their bio and is ready to show it to someone for honest, constructive feedback that leads to Aha! Eureka! and Holy shit! moments, so you can fix it and be done.  
  • Someone who can take that constructive feedback and execute the plan we come up with together.  
  • Someone with a strong grasp of English grammar and sentence structure.  

What you get for the $200 Give a Damn Consult:

  • A professional copywriter hunched at her desk, coffee in hand, pouring over your document, workshopping it to strengthen the weak parts, omit the unnecessary, and make suggestions (that you should definitely take to heart) as to how to give your bio the in-your-face, professional, I-can't-stop-reading qualities it deserves. 
  • A one-on-one phone conference with me to review notes, ask questions, make clarifications, so you can intelligently tackle this bio and confidently strike it from your to-do list. Which is going to feel SO GOOD. I just wish I could buy you a drink. 
  • Notes. Glorious notes to refer back to that'll keep you on track.
  • Peace of mind that you are, in fact, doing this right. You got this. And I got you. 

**To be clear - I’m not writing your bio for you. That’s a different service. This service includes my review, along with my notes, suggestions, and a one-on-one consult - so you aren’t in a bubble, too close to the writing you're wanting to do yourself, and out of sync with which direction you need to be headed.  

So now what?

  • Fill out the questionnaire below, so I can get a comprehensive idea of where you're at with your bio project.
  • From there, I'll follow up via email. If we need to jump on the phone for a minute, we can (I can't wait to meet you!). 
  • We're going to get you paid up and on the schedule.
  • You'll upload your document through Google Docs and we'll be officially rockin' and rollin'. Or headbanging...anything but square dancing, please.
  • You'll have a clear deadline of when you're to hear back from me - probably within 48 hours.
  • You'll get your document back and we'll review over the phone. 

The best online bio you can ever write is both the one that sells AND the one you show up for. So let's talk. Let's make sure you're speaking to your customer. 

And let's make sure the real you is in there.